What Is a True Classic Car?

You may think that defining what makes a vehicle a classic would be simple, but you’d be mistaken. Knowing what makes a car a classic will vary depending on who you ask. Most people may not have the same opinion as you, obviously. Calling a car a classic just because it is old is a great misconception, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you can determine if it is a classic or not.The most popular definition on what makes a car a classic is that of the Classic Car Club of America; it states that a classic vehicle is one that was manufactured between the years 1925 – 1948. According to them it is a mistake to call cars from the 60’s or 70’s as classics; this is where conflicts are not uncommon. Purists say that vehicles made in that era are still relatively too new to be considered as true classics.But why is it important to know if a vehicle can be called a classic or not? Well for one, the insurance for classic cars is different from regular cars. Classic cars have more value so regular car insurance isn’t the proper one for these vehicles; they need specialty insurance that have more coverage. Having an appropriate comprehensive insurance is a requirement for most cars, and you’re taking a huge risk if you opt not taking an insurance policy for your car, especially if you have a valuable classic one.The resale value of the car is affected if a car is a classic as well. The price of classic cars is of course higher than regular cars, and often they should increase in value as time passes, making it a worthy investment.And there’s also the exclusivity you get when you own a classic car. It really adds to one’s self-esteem if he’s riding in a car that’s considered to be a classic. You have more bragging rights if you’re driving, or better yet have a chauffeur drive you around in a 1963 Bentley Continental than just a regular limo or luxury car.Asking a professional to assess the true value of your car is a good idea if you really want to know if your car can be considered a classic. Joining a classic car club is also a great way to obtain information. Whatever your reasons may be in wanting to know how to define a classic car, whether you’re selling one or just curious, you will need to do some pretty extensive research but the knowledge you will be gaining will be worth it.

Classic Car Sales – What to Look Out For

Buying a classic car requires as much, if not more work than getting a brand new one from the car dealers. You should always approach the transaction as a very important deal as you would probably be spending thousands of dollars in acquiring this new car.Follow these guidelines when buying a classic car and you will enjoy getting the best deals from a classic car sale.#1: Price ChangeIf you are a true lover of classic cars, you would probably be aware that the value of the car changes significantly within one or two years. For instance, the classic Mercedes Benz can easily pick up a cool $7000 for a 25 year old version but the price would greatly drop for one that is 23 years old. Make sure you know how much the car really is worth and what others are paying for the same model and make.#2: Check for RustDo check for the presence of rust in important areas such as the wheels, the trunk and the joints .Different models rust in different ways and it helps to do a little research to find out what is common for the model you are interested in. It helps to get online and read reviews where possible so you can get a good idea of what to expect when dealing with a classic car#3: Sunny Classic CarsAre you aware that the experts recommend getting a classic car from those sunny areas of the country such as California as these cars are free from snow, which means that it tends to rust slowly than those being subjected to the harsh changing weather throughout the year. California classic cars are more expensive than classic cars from other locations.#4: Restoration JobAlways check to see how much you have to pay for the restoration job. Sometimes, it is possible to get a car at a really low price but the restoration job to get it fixed is way higher than what you would need to pay for a classic car in good condition. Sometimes, what seems like a good deal may not be as enticing down the road when you realize just how much you have to pay to get the car restored to a workable condition.#5: Project CarSome cars are really beyond repairs and the owner just wants to get rid of those to avoid cluttering up their home. These cars are fun to get as they are really cheap and you can use it to create a new car project that attempt to restore the old car into a workable condition.#6: Replacement PartsSome classic cars are easily replaced when any of the components need to be changed. Mustang and Chevrolets are great examples and you can easily order the replacement part online or through a catalog.Above all makes sure you know about the type and model of the classic car you are getting, Understanding how it works and how much you expect to pay for it gives you an added advantage when dealing for the best prices with your car d ealer.